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Zachary D. Clopton : Courses and Seminars

Government Litigation
LAWS 52503
The United States government is a party in about one-fifth of civil cases filed in federal courts. Similarly, state and local governments are routine civil litigants in state courts. This seminar explores issues that arise in civil cases in which government actors are plaintiffs or defendants. Topics covered will include sovereign immunity, legislative and executive standing, government preclusion, and attorney fees, as well as major regimes of government liability (e.g., Federal Tort Claims Act, Tucker Act, Bivens and Section 1983, and parens patriae litigation). This seminar also covers statutes under which private parties may sue on behalf of the government, most prominently the False Claims Act. Finally, this seminar will consider professional responsibility issues particular to government litigation. Grading will be based on a paper (or papers), a presentation, and class participation.
Spring 2015
Zachary D. Clopton