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Lee Fennell : Courses and Seminars

Fair Housing
LAWS 97312
This seminar will focus on the law and policy of fair housing, broadly construed. Significant attention will be devoted to antidiscrimination laws in housing, including the federal Fair Housing Act. We will also explore existing and proposed policies for improving access of lower-income people to housing. The dynamics of segregation and concentrated poverty will be examined, as well as the effects of zoning and other land use controls. Additional topics may include urban squatting, rent control, gentrification, subprime lending, the siting of locally undesirable land uses, and the use of eminent domain in “blighted” areas. The student's grade will be based on class participation and a research paper.
Winter 2016
Lee Fennell
LAWS 30611
The focus of this course, offered over two sequential quarters, is on the Anglo-American system (mainly judge-created) dealing with injury to person or property. Special stress is placed on the legal doctrines governing accidental injury, including negligence and strict liability. Grades are based on a single final examination at the end of the two-quarter sequence, though participation may be taken into account as indicated on the syllabus.
Winter 2016
Lee Fennell
LAWS 30411
This course, offered over two sequential quarters, provides an introduction to the legal relationships that arise out of or constitute ownership of property. Subjects covered may include, but are not limited to, such areas as the initial acquisition of rights in real and personal property, the nature of ownership of natural resources, the various types of concurrent and successive interests in land, and restraints on alienation. The course will also deal with the law relating to easements and covenants, landlord and tenant, and conveyancing. The student's grade is based on a single final examination. Participation may be taken into account as indicated in the syllabus.
Spring 2016
Lee Fennell