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Lee Fennell : Additional Activities


  • SSRN Legal Scholarship Network, State and Local Government eJournal 
    Advisory Board
  • American Law and Economics Association
    • Board of Directors, 2012-2015
    • Area Organizer for Property and Environmental Law (with Gary Libecap), 2009
    • Area Organizer for Property, 2005


  • Co-organizer, Warren F. Schwartz Memorial Law and Economics Conference, November 2016 (with Steven C. Salop, Joshua C. Teitelbaum, and Abraham L. Wickelgren)
  • Co-organizer, Kreisman Initiative Conference, Evidence and Innovation in Housing Law and Policy, June 2016 (with Benjamin J. Keys)
  • Co-organizer, University of Chicago Law Review Symposium Conference: Reassessing the State and Local Government Toolkit (June 2009) (with Julie Roin and Richard Epstein)
  • Co-organizer, Illinois Program in Law and Economics: The Future of the Commons and the Anticommons (June 2006) (with Thomas S. Ulen)
  • Co-organizer, University of Illinois College of Law Faculty Retreat (2005) (with Charles Tabb)


  • Referee, Journal of Legal Studies; Journal of Legal Analysis; Land Use and Environment Law Review 
  • Referee, Michigan University Press; Princeton University Press; Yale University Press