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Richard Lipton : Courses and Seminars

Partnership Taxation
LAWS 44301
This course examines income tax aspects of partnerships. Partnerships have become a widely used business structure, particularly since the invention of limited liability companies (which are treated as partnerships for tax purposes) and the increase in the number of start-up ventures and sophisticated financial ventures such as hedge funds and private equity funds that rely upon partnership tax principles to maximize after-tax returns of investors and management. The course uses problem sets to illustrate the application of basic principles to formations, income and loss allocations, borrowings, and distributions of partnerships, with a special focus on applying the tax rules in a transactional setting. Introductory Income Tax is a prerequisite. The student's grade is based on a final examination and class participation. Note: The class will be taught downtown in the Blue Cross/Blue Shield building at 300 E. Randolph St. Students are to arrive a few minutes early each week to get through security.
Spring 2014
Richard Lipton, Todd Golub