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Mary Anne Case : Works in Progress

The New Feudalism

Coase’s Theory of the Firm and the Family

Citizens of the City of God United? The Confused Premises and Radical Implications of Hosanna Tabor

How Federalism Secures the Freedom of the Individual: The Hybrid Vigor of States Rights Claims ReinforcingIndividual Rights Claims

Comparative "Sexual Democracy": The Case of Same-Sex Marriage in the U.S., France and the U.K

Dignities in the Marriage Cases and Beyond

Deconstructing Scalia

Why Evangelical Protestants are Right When they Claim that State Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage Threatens Their Marriages and What the Law Should Do About It

Markets and Motives for Sex and Reproduction

The Vatican and the Gender Agenda

On Liking And Not Liking in the Law of Discrimination

Kol Nidre/All Vows