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Emily Buss : Publications

Book (Editor)

The Law and Child Development. Ashgate, 2010 (with Mavis Maclean).

Book Sections

"Parental Rights." In Chicago Companion to the Child, edited by Richard A. Schweder, 2009.

"Children and the First Amendment." In The Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States, edited by David S. Tanenhaus. MacMillan, 2009.

"The Law's Influence over Children's Religious Development." In Children and Childhood in American Religions, edited by Don Browning and Bonnie Miller-McLemore, 2009.

"The Role of Lawyers in Promoting Juveniles' Competence as Defendants." In Youth on Trial, edited by Thomas Grisso and Robert G. Schwartz. University of Chicago Press, 2000.

Journal Articles

"The Gap in Law between Developmental Expectations and Educational Obligations." 79 The University of Chicago Law Review 59 (2012).

"Law and Child Development in the UK and the US." 6 Journal of Children's Services 236 (2011) (with Mavis Maclean).

"Failing Juvenile Courts, And What Lawyers And Judges Can Do About It." 6 Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy 318 (2011).

"Juvenile Court for Young Adults? How Ongoing Court Involvement Can Enhance Foster Youth's Chances for Success." 48 Family Court Review 262 (2010).

"What the Law Should (and Should Not) Learn from Child Development Research." 38 Hofstra Law Review 13 (2009).

"Rethinking the Connection Between Developmental Science and Juvenile Justice." 76 University of Chicago Law Review 493 (2009).

"Radical Change Through Conventional Means." 12 Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law 577 (2005).

"Allocating Developmental Control Among Parent, Child, and the State: The Public and Private Faces of Family Law." Annual 2004 University of Chicago Legal Forum (2004).

"Constitutional Fidelity Through Children's Rights." Supreme Court Review 355 (2004).

"The Speech-Enhancing Effect of Internet Regulation." 79 Chicago-Kent Law Review 103 (2004) (response to article by Amitai Etzioni in this issue, p. 3).

"Children's Associational Rights?: Why Less Is More." 11 The William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal 1101 (2003).

"The Missed Opportunity in Gault." 70 University of Chicago Law Review 39 (2003).

"Parental Rights." 88 Virginia Law Review 635 (2002) (formerly a University of Chicago Law School Public Law and Legal Theory Working Paper, 2002).

"Adrift in the Middle: Parental Rights After Troxel v. Granville." 2000 Supreme Court Review 279 (2000).

"Confronting Developmental Barriers to the Empowerment of Child Clients." 84 Cornell Law Review 895 (1999).

"Too Young to be Rehabilitated? ." 6 Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law 653 (1999) (comments on Lipsey's 'Can Rehabilitative Programs Reduce the Recidivism of Juvenile Offenders?').

"What Does Frieda Yoder Believe." 2 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 53 (1999).

"Parents' Rights and Parents Wronged." 57 Ohio State Law Journal 431 (1996).

"'You're My What?' The Problem of Children's Misperceptions of Their Lawyers' Roles." 64 Fordham Law Review 1699 (1996).

Newspaper Articles

"Court Is Moving in Wrong Direction on Parents' Rights." Chicago Tribune, June 7, 2000, p. 21.

"Doomed to Failure, A Child Welfare System That's in No One's Best Interest." Chicago Tribune, October 26, 1999, p. 21.

Policy Initiatives

"From Foster Care to Adulthood: The University of Chicago Law School Foster Care Project's Protocol for Reform." University of Chicago Law School, 2008.

Working Papers

"Children's Associational Rights? Why Less Is More." 2006.

"The Speech Enhancing Effect of Internet Regulation." December 2006.