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Emily Buss : Courses and Seminars

Civil Procedure I
LAWS 30211
Civil Procedure is offered in two parts. Part I meets in the Autumn Quarter and addresses the mechanics of civil litigation, with special reference to pleading, discovery, and trial, including the respective roles of judge and jury. Part II is offered in the Spring Quarter and focuses on the study of the power of particular courts to decide cases (subject matter jurisdiction); jurisdiction of the courts over the person or things before them; the scope and effect of judgments; principles of finality of judgments; and the rules governing joinder of claims and parties. The student's grade is based on an examination given at the end of each quarter.
Autumn 2015
Emily Buss
Constitutional Law VII: Parent, Child, and State
LAWS 47101
This course examines the constitutional rights of parents and children and the state's authority to define and regulate the parent-child relationship. Among the topics discussed are children's and parent's rights of expression and religious exercise; parental identity rights including rights associated with paternity claims, termination proceedings, assisted reproduction, and adoption; the scope of the state’s authority to intervene to prevent abuse and neglect; and the role of race and culture in defining the family. The student's grade is based on a take-home examination. Can be taken with Family Law (LAWS 45001) with permission of the instructor.
Spring 2016
Emily Buss
Juvenile Justice
LAWS 60102
This seminar considers how our legal system should respond to crimes committed by minors. In particular, students consider the appropriateness of treating minors differently from adults in preventing, adjudicating, and imposing consequences for criminal behavior. Readings on adolescent development and urban sociology help inform discussions. The student’s grade is based on class discussion, and a series of short papers and/or blog posts. Enrollment is limited to 20.
Spring 2016
Emily Buss