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Douglas G. Baird : News

May 20, 2011
Law School Office of Communications
"The Class of 2011 Showed Their Appreciation to a Diverse Group"
by Lynn Safranek
November 29, 2010
Law School Office of Communications
"Students Prepare for Autumn Quarter Exams"
by Lynn Safranek
April 16, 2010
"Oboe-Playing Judicial Artist Diane Wood Eyed for High Court"
by Andrew M. Harris and John McCormick
April 14, 2010
University News Office
"Law students teach professors how to prevail at trivia"
by Sarah Galer
August 6, 2009
"Douglas Baird told a subcommittee of Congress in July"
by Sarah Galer
June 1, 2009
The AmLaw Daily
"Remember Chrysler? The "Bush v. Gore of Bankruptcies" Is Over--Kind Of"
by Zach Lowe
May 3, 2009
Chicago Tribune
"Obama's Supreme Court Pick Expected to Have Chicago Ties"
by John McCormick and Jeff Coen
April 30, 2009
The Am Law Daily
"Can Stubborn Bondholders Delay a Chrysler Rebirth?"
by Zach Lowe
March 22, 2009
Chicago Tribune
"Ivory Tower of Power"
by Tom Hundley
March 6, 2009
Law School Communications Office
"Dean Search Committee Announced"
by Staff