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Douglas G. Baird : Courses and Seminars

LAWS 30511
This course, offered over two sequential quarters, is an introduction to commercial and consumer law and lays the foundation for advanced study in commercial transactions, corporations, restitution, consumer credit, insurance, labor and employment law, and investment securities. Substantively, the Contracts course deals with how contracts are formed, which contracts are valid, when a contract has been breached and the various remedies for breach, including damages, specific performance, and restitution. The course is also designed to introduce the student to legal methodology and to compare the common law with the techniques of statutory interpretation, particularly in connection with the Uniform Commercial Code. The student's grade is based on a single final examination at the conclusion of the Spring quarter.
Winter 2014
Douglas G. Baird
Major Corporate Transactions: Legal and Business Issues
LAWS 64403
This seminar focuses on the issues that arise in structuring large-scale transactions across a large number of areas, such as mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and corporate reorganizations. Grades will be based on a series of reaction papers.
Autumn 2013
Douglas G. Baird
Secured Transactions
LAWS 42201
This course deals with the many legal issues that come into play when there are collateralized loans for which the collateral is personal property. Students focus on Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, the Bankruptcy Code, and other related laws. This form of lending is central to our economy, and the applicable legal doctrines are ones that every corporate and commercial lawyer should firmly grasp. The course is a useful, though not absolutely essential, preparation for Bankruptcy and Reorganization: The Federal Bankruptcy Code (LAWS 73601). The student's grade will be based on a final examination. Open to MBA students.
Autumn 2013
Douglas G. Baird