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Douglas G. Baird : Courses and Seminars

Bankruptcy and Reorganization: The Federal Bankruptcy Code
LAWS 43234
(BID, CORE)This course studies the Federal Bankruptcy Code and the law of corporate reorganization. Topics include the rights of creditors in bankruptcy, the relationship between bankruptcy law and state law, the treatment of executory contracts, bankruptcy planning, the restructuring of corporations in Chapter 11, and the procedure for confirming plans of reorganization.There are no prerequisites for this course.
Spring 2017
Douglas G. Baird
LAWS 30511
(1L, A)This first part of the contracts class focuses on the basic principles of the common law of contract, including such foundational questions such as what it means to make a promise legally enforceable, what promises are legally enforceable, and how the legally enforceable promise comes into being. The student's grade in contracts is based on a single final examination.
Winter 2017
Douglas G. Baird
Municipal and State Insolvency
LAWS 53233
(++, BID, CORE, SEM)This seminar focuses on the legal issues that arise when a state or municipal government becomes financially distressed, with particular emphasis on the evolution of Chapter 9 of the Bankruptcy Code from the 1930s until the present day. Students are required to write a series of short papers. Taking bankruptcy law before or concurrently with this course is useful, but not required.
Winter 2017
Douglas G. Baird
Secured Transactions
LAWS 42201
(BID, CORE)This course deals with the many legal issues that come into play when there are collateralized loans for which the collateral is personal property. Students focus on Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, the Bankruptcy Code, and other related laws. This form of lending is central to our economy, and the applicable legal doctrines are ones that every corporate and commercial lawyer should firmly grasp. The course is a useful, though not absolutely essential, preparation for Bankruptcy and Reorganization: The Federal Bankruptcy Code (LAWS 73601). The student's grade is based on a proctored final examination.
Autumn 2016
Douglas G. Baird