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William Ridgway : Courses and Seminars

Computer Crime
LAWS 68402
This seminar will explore the legal issues involved in the investigation and prosecution of computer crime. We will examine how computers and network technologies are challenging settled legal understandings of the Fourth Amendment, the First Amendment, and the laws of electronic surveillance. The first part of the seminar will address the prosecution of substantive computer crime, which falls into two general categories: computer misuse offenses and traditional crimes facilitated by computers. The second part of the seminar will cover computer crime procedure. We will evaluate the statutory and constitutional regimes that govern the investigation of computer crime, including the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Wiretap Act, and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Our primary source will be a casebook: ORIN KERR, COMPUTER CRIME LAW (3r ed. 2012). In addition to the casebook, I will be providing supplemental materials as listed in the syllabus. Students are required to participate in class sessions, prepare discussion papers, and write a paper on an approved topic. Students may opt to write a major research paper for three credits.
Winter 2014
William Ridgway