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Cass R. Sunstein : Additional Activities

Member, Institute of Medicine Committee, Reducing Tobacco Use: Strategies, Barriers, and Consequences, 2004-present

Graduate Teaching Award, 2003

Henderson Prize, Harvard Law School, 2002, for Free Markets and Social Justice (awarded for best book on law and government in preceding five years).

Co-Chair, Committee on Regulatory Policy, American Bar Association, Administrative Law Section, 2001-present

Consultant, Internal Revenue Service, project on compliance and social norms, 1999-present

Member, Presidential Advisory Committee on the Public Service Obligations of Digital Television, 1997-1998

Co-Director, Center on Constitutionalism in Eastern Europe, University of Chicago, 1990-1997

Contributing Editor, The New Republic, 1999-present

National Council, World Wildlife Fund, 1994-present

Vice-Chair, Judicial Review Committee, Section on Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice, American Bar Association, 1991-present

Commissioner, American Bar Association Commission on the future of the Federal Trade Commission and of economic regulation, 1988

Associate Editor, Ethics, 1986-1988

Board of Editors, Studies in American Political Development, 1989-present

Board of Editors, Journal of Political Philosophy, 1991-present

Board of Editors, Constitutional Political Economy, 1991-present

Contributing Editor, The American Prospect, 1989-present

Chair, Administrative Law Section, Association of American Law Schools, 1989-1990

Vice-Chair, American Bar Association Section on Governmental Organization and Separation of Powers, 1986-1987

Council, American Bar Association Section on Administrative Law, 1987-1988

Vice-Chair, American Association of Law Schools, Section on Administrative Law, 1987-1989, 1990-present

Member, American Law Institute, 1990-present

Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, elected 1992

Certificate of Merit Award of American Bar Association for contribution to public understanding of American legal system, 1991, for After the Rights Revolution

Award of American Bar Association for best scholarship in administrative law, 1987, for Interest Groups in American Public Law, 38 Stanford Law Review

Award of American Bar Association for best scholarship in administrative law, 1989, for Interpreting Statutes in the Regulatory State, 102 Harv. L. Rev.

Award of American Bar Association for best scholarship in administrative law, 1999, for Is the Clean Air Act Unconstitutional?, Michigan Law Review, and Informational Regulation and Informational Standing, U. Pa. L. Rev.

Visiting Scholar, University of Minnesota Law School, Rutgers University, George Washington University

Goldsmith Book Award, Harvard University, 1994, for Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech (awarded for best book on free speech)

Testified on numerous legal subjects, usually involving separation of powers, administrative law, regulatory policy, and constitutional law, before a number of national and local government bodies, including Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Government Affairs Committee, House Rules Committee, Attorney General's Commission on Pornography, and Illinois House of Representatives

Advised on law reform and constitution-making efforts in various nations, including Ukraine, Romania, Poland, South Africa, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Albania, Israel, and China

Worked on briefs pro bono on various subjects in United States Supreme Court, United States Court of Appeals, and United States District Courts

Appeared on many radio and television programs, including Nightline, ABC Evening News, NBC Evening News, the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, and CNN's Burden of Proof.