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Andrew Boutros : Courses and Seminars

Corporate Criminal Prosecutions and Investigations
LAWS 66702
The criminal investigation and prosecution of large-scale corporate fraud is the hottest area of focus for prosecutors and the criminal defense bar. This seminar is designed for students interested in learning about the various aspects of uncovering, investigating, defending, and prosecuting corporate crimes; reporting findings to clients and government authorities; strategic considerations for the prosecutor and defense lawyer in white collar criminal investigations; prosecutorial charging policies and decisions; pre-trial diversion and non-prosecution agreements; and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The class will introduce students to this multi-faceted area of the law, and expose students to real-world considerations involved in advising corporate clients and their officers, directors, and employees. The seminar will address legal and practical issues and concerns from the perspective of the prosecutor, the defense attorney, and in-house counsel. This is a three-credit class. The student's grade will be based on a major paper (20-25 pages) and class participation. Papers will be due on Monday, April 13, 2015, which is four weeks after final exams for the Winter quarter.
Winter 2015
Andrew Boutros