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Laura Weinrib : Courses and Seminars

American Legal History: The Twentieth Century
LAWS 97603
This course examines major legal and constitutional conflicts in twentieth century American history. Topics include law and social movements, the role of the courts, rights consciousness, the legal profession, and legal thought. Students will connect legal texts and legal struggles to broader developments in social, cultural, and political history. Grading is based on class participation and a final examination.
Spring 2014
Laura Weinrib
Constitutional Law II: Freedom of Speech
LAWS 40201
A study of the doctrine and theory of the constitutional law of freedom of speech. The subjects for discussion include advocacy of unlawful conduct, defamation, invasion of privacy, commercial speech, obscenity and pornography, offensive speech, symbolic expression, restrictions on the speech of government employees, restrictions on speech in schools and colleges, the relevance of free speech principles to museums and libraries, protest in public places, regulation of campaign expenditures and communications, freedom of the press as a distinct principle, and regulation of the electronic media. Students who have completed Constitutional Law IV are ineligible to enroll in this course. The student's grade is based on a final examination and class participation.
Autumn 2013
Laura Weinrib
Greenberg Seminar: States and Markets in American History
LAWS 95902
From the colonial period to the twentieth century, America evolved from a colonial outpost into the world’s largest economic power. Its tremendous growth was embedded in and helped to facilitate broader transformations in the state and society. This Greenberg samples from a recent resurgence in historical literature on the social, political, economic, and cultural dimensions of American capitalism. It aims to take up developments such as (but not limited to) the proliferation of state institutions for managing risk, the rise of transnational corporations, the history of antitrust, globalization, and the expansion of marketing and distribution.
Autumn 2013
Aziz Huq, Laura Weinrib
Labor History and the Law
LAWS 92103
This seminar examines the historical relationship between American workers and the law. It focuses on legal contests over workers’ rights in the courts, legislatures, and administrative agencies during the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Readings explore the ways in which law has shaped labor solidarity, class formation, and strategies for organization and resistance. They also consider the influence of organized labor and of labor law on mobilization for social change, including the movements for civil liberties and civil rights. The seminar concludes by exploring current trends in American labor relations, including recent efforts to curtail the collective bargaining rights of public employees.
Autumn 2013
Laura Weinrib
Labor Law
LAWS 43101
This course examines the statutory, administrative, and judicial law governing collective labor relations. The principal subjects are union organizing and collective bargaining, with particular attention to the National Labor Relations Act. Students consider the strategies adopted by labor groups, employers, and legal actors in response to evolving economic and social conditions. The course draws on historical and comparative perspectives to evaluate emerging alternatives to the existing labor law regime. Grading is based on class participation and a final examination.
Winter 2014
Laura Weinrib