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Laura Weinrib : Courses and Seminars

Labor Law
LAWS 43101
This course examines the statutory, administrative, and judicial law governing collective labor relations. The principal subjects are union organizing and collective bargaining, with particular attention to the National Labor Relations Act. Students consider the strategies adopted by labor groups, employers, and legal actors in response to evolving economic and social conditions. The course draws on historical and comparative perspectives to evaluate emerging alternatives to the existing labor law regime. The grade is based on a final in-class examination and class participation.
Winter 2015
Laura Weinrib
History of Civil Liberties in the United States
LAWS 70707
This seminar examines changing understandings of civil liberties in American legal history. It emphasizes legal and ideological contests over the meaning of free speech, religious freedom, and reproductive rights during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Readings explore the intersection between legal struggles and broader developments in social, cultural, and political history, with a particular focus on the labor, civil rights, and feminist movements. The grade is based on a final written paper and class participation.
Spring 2015
Laura Weinrib
American Legal History: The Twentieth Century
LAWS 97603
This course examines major legal and constitutional conflicts in twentieth century American history. Topics include law and social movements, the role of the courts, rights consciousness, the legal profession, and legal thought. Students will connect legal texts and legal struggles to broader developments in social, cultural, and political history. Grading is based on class participation and a final examination.
Spring 2015
Laura Weinrib