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Joan E. Neal : Courses and Seminars

Contract Drafting and Review
LAWS 79912
This seminar will serve as an introduction to contracting drafting and how such drafting differs from other types of legal writing. We will start with the basic "anatomy of a contract," discussing the meaning, use and effect of various provisions. The seminar will address not only legal drafting issues, but also how to understand a client's practical business needs in order to effectively use the contract as a planning and problem solving tool. Students will draft and review specific contract provisions, and will learn how to read, review and analyze contracts with an eye toward both legal and business risk issues. Grades will be based upon class participation, a series of weekly drafting exercises, and a final take-home assignment.
Autumn 2013
Joan E. Neal
Contract Negotiation - Outsourcing
LAWS 79913
This class will provide students with the opportunity to participate in a simulated contract negotiation for the outsourcing of services. Students will be divided into "buyers" and "sellers" and then paired up to draft, review, revise, negotiate and finalize a contract with their opposing counsel partner(s) by the end of the quarter, with a focus on risk assessment and risk mitigation in the contract. Instructors will act as the clients for the two sides of the transaction, providing necessary business and legal guidance to their students/counsel over the course of the simulation. The simulation will require not only in-class participation, but also negotiation sessions to be scheduled by the teams between class meetings. The simulation may begin with a Request for Proposal ("RFP") and/or term sheet, and continue through the drafting and completion of an agreement. Grades will be based upon class participation (including the ability to work with others in a collaborative and effective manner) and the instructors' review of the final agreement(s) reached by the parties. Negotiation and drafting of final agreement to memorialize negotiations, plus preparation of a signing memorandum. Substantial group work outside of class is required.
Winter 2014
David Zarfes, Joan E. Neal
Telecommunications Law and Regulation
LAWS 64702
This is an introductory course looking at the regulatory regimes in the U.S. that apply to telephony (both wireline and wireless) and the infrastructure of the Internet. In particular, this course will explore the legal and policy history behind such regulation and the difficulty of classifying new technologies and applying these regulatory regimes in a world of rapidly converging technologies. This course will not cover mass media regulation (broadcast television and radio, or cable television). Prior (or simultaneous) completion of a course in administrative law and/or antitrust law is helpful, but not required. Grades will be based upon class participation and a few short reaction/advocacy papers.
Spring 2014
Joan E. Neal