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Adam Hoeflich : Courses and Seminars

Legal Profession: Ethics
LAWS 41003
This seminar will address ethical considerations raised during the practice of law, including strategic, practical, and moral considerations with which attorneys should be familiar. Students will need access to Selected Standards on Professional Responsibility, and Professional Responsibility, Problems and Materials (University Casebook Series), by Thomas D. Morgan and Ronald D. Rotunda, and reading materials provided during the course. Students will also need access to Westlaw and/or Lexis. We will also discuss additional material I will send by email. During class we will discuss both the rules and the ethical situations that lawyers face in a variety of situations. While I will expect students to read the rules and the casebook, this will not be a class where I ask students to recite the facts of cases and analyze them. There will instead be a greater focus both on rules lawyers need to know and on the ambiguities of how to handle particularly difficult issues lawyers may encounter in practice. I will teach this class as a participatory seminar. Students will be evaluated both on the basis of a paper of 20 pages in length on a topic relating to professional responsibility of the student's choosing and on participation. Attendance is mandatory. My practice and travel make me unavailable from time to time. I may hold makeups 2-3 times during the quarter. They will take place on Wednesday or Friday mornings at 8:00.
Autumn 2014
Adam Hoeflich