International Human Rights Clinic

Children in the Baljeet Nagar slum community.
A wider shot of the Baljeet Nagar slum, which lacks trash disposal services.
Clinic student Alex Kiles and community members inside a home in Baljeet Nagar.
Children from Baljeet Nagar pose on and around a rickshaw.
Clinic student Marco Segatti with local women inside a home.
Brian Citro and students Brian Ahn and Segatti with local aid workers.
Women creating crafts for market in the Kathputli artist community.
Kiles and Jayshree Satpute met prominent housing scholar Usha Ramanthan.
The streets of Delhi.
These children played in one of the Delhi slums.
The clinic students with a housing activist in Delhi.
Clinic students visited the Baprola resettlement community.
Baprola is a resettlement site for displaced slum dwellers.
The students at the Qutub Minar in Delhi.
The students also visited Delhi's Lotus Temple.
Ahn at the Red Fort in Delhi.
The clinic students met up with classmate Kara Ingelhart, '15, also in India.

In March of 2014, over Spring Break, clinic students Brian Ahn, '14, Alex Kiles, '14, and Marco Segatti, a JSD candidate, traveled to Delhi, India, to work with a local NGO, Nazdeek, to examine the city’s housing policies and advocate for greater protection for slum dwellers and homeless people. The trip culminated in a presentation to the Law Commission of India and former chief justice of the Delhi High Court, A.P. Shah. The Commission is working on drafting a housing bill in India. The students were accompanied by Professor Sital Kalantry and Clinic Fellow Brian Citro. Read more about their work.

Photographs provided by Kiles.