Spring Break of Service 2014

In Biloxi, students worked at the Mississippi Center for Justice (MCJ).
Law School students first visited MCJ six years ago.
Students met with a woman helped by MCJ's Hurricane Katrina rebuilding project.
Rachel Zemke and her new friend Stella, who lives in the new house.
Elise Meyer and a Northwestern student collected signatures to save a school.
Students practiced yoga on the beach in Biloxi.
The Biloxi group found some time for fun, too.
Of course, the students took advantage of the southern cuisine.
Amy Upshaw gave a presentation to the Knoxville public defenders.
The students worked on legal research for the local public defenders.
Andrew Sullivan introduced a presentation to the public defenders.
The group took a day trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn.
The Knoxville group enjoyed an afternoon hike with the public defenders.
The New Orleans group in front of Orleans Parish Criminal District Court.
Caitlin Purvin-Dunn and Sarah Kang at the Orleans Public Defenders office.
Keiko Rose and Molly Jamison went for an after-work run in City Park.
The New Orleans students took a ghost/vampire tour one night.

In 2014, Law School students took Spring Break of Service trips to Biloxi, Miss., Knoxville, Tenn., and New Orleans. The trips gave students a chance to do legal aid work in disadvantaged areas and also have some fun in the South. Photographs provided by the students.