Musical 2014

Performers prepped for a dress rehearsal of "Law Actually."
The musical poked fun at the idiosyncrasies of law school life.
Benjamin Hudgens, in gray, was one of the directors.
The actors practiced for weeks to get the musical just right.
Actresses put on their best dramatic faces.
The actors didn't just get their roles; they had to audition.
Thirty-five students performed as actors.
Hudgens also helped write the script.
The performers learned choreography by student Sarah Losh.
Wigs and costumes are always part of the fun of the musical.
Seven students provided musical accompaniment.
The actors often play law school professors.
The show was performed two nights at International House.

The 2014 Law School Musical, Law Actually, was performed February 20 and 21 at International House. It was directed by Benjamin Hudgens, Nathaniel Ament-Stone, and David Winkler. It was written by a team led by Aarti Iyer, Mike Morrill, and Rachael Morgan. It was produced by Stephanie Gratton and choreographed by Sarah Losh.

Photographs by Lloyd DeGrane.