Crime in Law and Literature Conference

Martha Nussbaum, co-organizer, opened the performances with a song.
Judge Richard Posner, as Agamemnon, with Jajah Wu as Cassandra.
Nussbaum, as Clytemnestra, murdered Agamemnon and Cassandra.
Nussbaum played Clytemnestra as vindictive and triumphant in the early scenes.
Nussbaum and William Birdthistle of Chicago-Kent College of Law.
Professor Tom Miles as Apollo, with Daniel Abebe as Orestes and the Furies.
Orestes goes on trial for the murder of his mother, Clytemnestra.
Philosophy student Emily Depree as Athena and Lecturer in Law Sarah Conly.
The jurors, played by students, cast their votes in the first homicide trial.
Professor Emily Buss as one of the Furies.
The Furies -- Conly, Sital Kalantry, and Buss -- become the Eumenides.
The actors met vigorous applause at curtain call.
Judge Diane Wood and Profs. Jennifer Nou, Julie Roin, and Saul Levmore.
Dean Michael Schill enjoyed the show.
The director, Paxton Williams, '13, was honored by Nussbaum and the audience.
New York Times bestselling author Scott Turow, a lawyer, gave the keynote.

The Crime in Law and Literature Conference was held February 7 and 8, 2014, at the Law School. Photographs by Beth Rooney.