Pie Day 2013

Susan Curry and Abbie Willard were among many administrators who served pie.
Apple pie proved the most popular.
Associate Director of Admissions Annette Moore at her first Pie Day.
The students formed two eager lines, waiting for 12:15 p.m.
Three enormous tubs of whipped cream...will it be enough?
Finally, students got their pick of the pie.
Soon, the Green Lounge was full of students catching up with friends.
Pie Day was exactly one week before Thanksgiving.
1Ls enjoyed their first Pie Day; 2Ls and 3Ls came back for more.
Assistant Dean for Communications Marsha Nagorsky called out the flavors.
The Office of the Dean of Students ordered 75 pies for the occasion.
Aican Nguyen's apron says, "Where fun comes to dine."
Some students paired their pie with studying.
The whipped cream didn't last long.
Besides apple, the pie flavors were pumpkin and pecan.
This student showed up just before the lines were reopened for seconds.
Only at the Law School: Pie and Constitutional Law.

The Ex Ante Thanksgiving Celebration, more commonly known as "Pie Day," is an annual pre-Thanksgiving tradition at the Law School. It was held on November 21, 2013. Photographs by Meredith Heagney.