SALSA: Diversity Initiatives Across Campus

SALSA continues to be open to any and every law student, regardless of ethnic background. SALSA also recognizes that a successful institution will provide ongoing opportunities for engagement, education, dialogue, and support for diverse and minority students. Below are just some of the campus-wide initiatives that The University of Chicago employs in recognition of these core values.

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA)
"OMSA is committed to a student-centered approach which recognizes the diverse layers of identity students bring with them. Our practice involves advocating for students with an educational component that is empowering and supportive. OMSA is committed to proactively engaging with students and approaching all issues from diverse perspectives. OMSA does this in collaboration with administrative partners across the University." 

RISE. Reflect. Intervene. Speak. Engage.
"RISE encourages the University community to reflect on and to challenge assumptions about the role of class, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, disability, and other aspects of identity. Through RISE, we will examine our differences — recognizing both the tensions they create, and the fundamental role those differences play in creating the rich and free exchange of ideas that is a hallmark of this University. It will continue to help to shape how members of our community think about the world, and provide a foundation for our students as they enter life after the University."

Emerging Minds Project
"The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs hosts the Emerging Minds Project, a program that complements academic coursework through intentional dialogue and reflection on issues encountered daily in society. Participants develop skills to become culturally competent leaders through facilitated discussions on topics related to social justice and diversity.  Students may join a cohort for sustained intergroup dialogue during the winter and spring quarters or participate in quarterly campus-wide dialogue opportunities."

International House Global Voices Lecture Programs
"The Global Voices Lecture Program presents prominent speakers and organizes round-table discussion groups and special interest conferences and seminars. As a part of this program, leading figures from the world stage come to share their thoughts and exchange ideas with students and members of Chicago’s civic community on major issues facing the country and the world."

Links to various other resources across campus can be found here.