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Clark Remington : Courses and Seminars

The Law and Ethics of Lawyering
LAWS 41014
This seminar, which satisfies the professional responsibility requirement, will consider the law and ethics of lawyering. Working with materials from a leading casebook, the ABA Model Rules, and supplementary readings, we will devote considerable attention to the question: What does the law that governs lawyering say that I should do. Topics will include conformity to law, corporate fraud, confidentiality, and conflicts of interest. At the same time, we will explore the gap between what the law of lawyering says I should do and what I (all things considered) might think I should do. What different kinds of reasons can a lawyer have for doing or not doing what the law of lawyering says should be done? Enrollment will be limited to 20. Students will be evaluated on the basis of participation, a series of short written assignments, and an in-class final exam. Attendance is mandatory.
Winter 2016
Clark Remington