Law and Economics Summer School 2013

The scholars posed with the Sandors, Dean Schill, and Prof. Ben-Shahar.
The scholars were full of questions throughout the two-week summer school.
Judge Richard A. Posner was among the special speakers in the auditorium.
Posner and the scholars posed for a photograph, which is now a yearly tradition.
One of the students asked Posner to sign the shoulder of her dress.
The scholars posed outside the Law School with Prof. Picker.
Dean Schill and scholars during the Quadrangle Club banquet.
Prof. Ben-Shahar welcomed the scholars to the Quadrangle Club banquet.
Richard Sandor spoke about his passions for China and for law and economics.
A scholar makes conversation with Prof. Strahilevitz, who taught one class.
Prof. Todd Henderson listens to a student present his work.
Several students participated in a colloquium.
Prof. Lee Fennell, seated at right, moderates a colloquium.
Prof. Saul Levmore taught "Law and Public Choice."
The scholars goofed off during a bike ride to Navy Pier.
The scholars ate deep-dish pizza after their bike ride.

In July 2013, 83 scholars from China and other Asian countries traveled to Chicago to study law and economics at the Law School. It was the second annual Summer School in Law and Economics presented by the Coase-Sandor Institute for Law and Economics. Photographs by Lloyd DeGrane.