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William Baude : Publications

Major Publications

"Rethinking the Federal Eminent Domain Power." 122 Yale Law Journal 1738 (2013).

"Beyond DOMA: Choice of State Law in Federal Statutes." 64 Stanford Law Review 1371 (2012)

"Signing Unconstitutional Laws." 86 Indiana Law Journal 303 (2011).

"The Judgment Power." 96 Georgetown Law Journal 1807 (2008).

Additional Publications and Commentary

"The Takings Clause." In Heritage Guide to the Constitution (2nd ed. forthcoming 2013).

"Married in New York but Not in Texas." Slate (Apr. 12, 2013)

"Jurisdiction and Constitutional Crisis." 65 Florida Law Review Forum 1 (2013)

"Clarification Needed: Fixing the Jurisdiction Venue and Clarification Act." 110 Michigan Law Review First Impressions 33 (2012).

Letter, Access to Eagles, 14 Green Bag 2d 245 (2011).

"Last Chance on Death Row." Wilson Quarterly (Fall 2010).

"The Treaty Power." In The Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court (Gale 2008).

Op-Ed, States of Confusion, N.Y. Times, Jan. 22, 2006, at 17.