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William Baude : News

December 12, 2014
Library of Law and Liberty
"Originalism and the Positive Turn"
by William Baude
November 19, 2014
The Volokh Conspiracy
"Coming in 2015: The Third Restatement of Conflict of Laws"
by William Baude
July 1, 2014
WGN Radio
"US Supreme Court Rules On Contraception Coverage And Unions"
by William Baude
June 27, 2014
"Symposium: What divides the Court, and what unites it"
by William Baude
May 29, 2014
University of Chicago Magazine
"Original thinking"
by Jason Kelly
April 15, 2014
Law School Office of Communications
by Meredith Heagney
February 26, 2014
"Opinion analysis: The boundaries of specific jurisdiction"
by William Baude
January 15, 2014
"Opinion recap: A stricter view of general jurisdiction"
by William Baude
January 12, 2014
"Whatever Your Ideology, President Obama's Appointments Are Unconstitutional"
by William Baude