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Xin Dai : Courses and Seminars

Chinese for Lawyers
LAWS 98003
This class offers an introduction to the legal environment of the People’s Republic of China and basic concepts and terminology of Chinese law. Although not designed as a comprehensive survey, the class will cover a list of topics the general knowledge on which may serve as a good basis for the students’ further studies in Chinese law. Students interested in China-related law practice/working opportunities in the Greater China region may also find the class useful as it aims to improve the students’ language and communication skills in legal settings. Classroom instruction and reading material are both expected to be in Chinese. English interpretation will be provided from time to time as the instructors may determine necessary during the course of instruction. Other adjustments to course material are also possible based on the enrolled students’ general proficiency in Chinese. The instructors encourage interested students to discuss expected language proficiency in advance. The class meets once a week and the students will receive pass/fail grades. Three short papers in Chinese on assigned topics (500 characters or more) are required for receiving one credit.
Autumn 2014
Zhuang Liu, Xin Dai