Appendix A—Sample Email Invitation to Speaker

Dear Mr./Ms./Professor/Judge [LAST NAME],

On behalf of the University of Chicago Law School chapter of [name of organization], I would like to invite you to the Law School to speak on [topic/panel].  Our organization would like to host a program on [topic] on [X date or dates] at [time], and given your expertise in that subject matter, we hope that you will be able to join us for the event.  Our organization would be happy to cover costs associated with your travel to the Law School [if the speaker is from out of town, and depending on the student organization budget, you may want to add, “in the form of a $750 stipend” at the end of the sentence. This is generally not necessary if the speaker is an attorney with a firm in Chicago]. 

We would be honored if you would accept this invitation to join us for this event.  Please let me know at your convenience if you will be able to join us for the event, and please do not hesitate to contact me via this email address or at [phone number] if you have any questions about the event. 


Title (President, IPLS, etc.)