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Brian Citro : Publications

Journal Articles

    "Developing a Human Rights-Based Approach to Tuberculosis," 18 Health and Human Rights 1 (2016) (with Evan Lyon, Mihir Mankad, Kiran Pandey & Camila Gianella).

    "Sex-selective Abortion Bans are Not Associated with Changes in Sex Ratios at Birth among Asian Populations in Illinois and Pennsylvania," 18 Forum for Health Economics & Policy 41 (2014) (with Arindam Nandi & Sital Kalantry ). [CU]

    "Pharmaceutical Companies and Global Lack of Access to Medicines: Strengthening Accountability under the Right to Health," 40 The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 234 (2012) (with Anand Grover & Mihir Mankad & Fiona Lander).

Book Sections

    "The Consequences of Failure," in Advancing the Human Right to Health, Jose Zuniga, Stephen P. Marks & Lawrence O. Gostin eds. (Oxford University Press, 2013) (with Anand Grover & Mihir Mankad).

Other Publications

    "A Role for Human Rights in the Climate Engineering Debate?," Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment, February 2015. [WWW]