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Brian Citro : Publications

"The Consequences of Failure." in Article 25: Achieving the Human Right to Health. Oxford University Press (Forthcoming 2013). With Anand Grover and Mihir Mankad.

"Enforcement of the Right to Health Globally: Persistent Problems and a Pragmatic Approach." Central Europe University conference compendium, presented in Budapest, Hungary at CEU’s “The Individual v. The State: An
Enforceable Right to Health?” conference (Forthcoming 2013). With Anand Grover, Mihir Mankad and Fiona Lander.

"Pharmaceutical Companies and the Right to Health: Are Human Rights Guidelines Enough?" Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics (Summer 2012). With Anand Grover and Mihir Mankad.

"Strengthening the Global Fund’s Commitment to Human Rights." Annex to Human Rights and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Open Society Institute (September 2011). With Anand Grover and Mihir Mankad.

"India: Access to Affordable Drugs and the Right to Health." The Lancet, India: Toward Universal Health Coverage. (January 2011). With Anand Grover.