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Dhammika Dharmapala : Publications

Journal Articles

“Corporate Governance, Enforcement and Firm Value: Evidence from India.” Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization (forthcoming) (with Vikramaditya S. Khanna).

“Earnings Shocks and Tax-Motivated Income-Shifting: Evidence from European Multinationals.” 97 Journal of Public Economics 95 (2013) (with Nadine Riedel).

“Dividend Taxes and International Portfolio Choice.” 93 Review of Economics and Statistics 266 (2011) (with Mihir A. Desai).

“Watch What I Do, Not What I Say: The Unintended Consequences of the Homeland Investment Act.”

66 Journal of Finance 753 (2011) (with C. Fritz Foley and Kristin J. Forbes).

“Tax Policy and the ‘Missing Middle’: Optimal Tax Remittance with Firm-Level Administrative
95 Journal of Public Economics 1036 (2011) (with Joel Slemrod and John D. Wilson).

“Do Strong Fences Make Strong Neighbors?” 63
National Tax Journal 723 (2010) (with Mihir A. Desai).

“Legislatures, Judges, and Parole Boards: The Allocation of Discretion under Determinate Sentencing.”

62 Florida Law Review 1037 (2010) (with Nuno Garoupa and Joanna M. Shepherd).

“Which Countries Become Tax Havens?” 93
Journal of Public Economics 1058 (2009) (with James R. Hines, Jr.).

“Corporate Tax Avoidance and Firm Value.” 91
Review of Economics and Statistics 537 (2009) (with Mihir A. Desai).

“Taxes, Institutions, and Foreign Diversification Opportunities.”
93 Journal of Public Economics 703 (2009) (with Mihir A. Desai).

“Belief in a Just World, Blaming the Victim, and Hate Crime Statutes.”
5 Review of Law and Economics 14 (2009) (with Nuno Garoupa and
Richard H. McAdams).

“Earnings Management, Corporate Tax Shelters, and Book-Tax Alignment.”
62 National Tax Journal 169 (2009) (with Mihir A. Desai).

“Taxing the Bandit Kings.”
118 Yale Law Journal Pocket Part 98 (2008) (with Mihir A. Desai).
Reprinted in Leonard Schneidman (ed.) Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Legal, Tax and
Economic Perspective
, Practising Law Institute, New York, NY, 2010, pp. 277-283.

“What Problems and Opportunities are Created by Tax Havens?” 24
Oxford Review of Economic Policy 661 (2008).

“Hate Crime: A Behavioural Economic Analysis.”
90 Kritische Vierteljahresschrift für Gesetzgebung und Rechtswissenschaft 118 (2007) (with Nuno Garoupa and Richard H. McAdams).

“Dividends and Tax Policy in the Long Run: Discussion.”
2007 University of Illinois Law Forum 1 (2007).

“Corporate Tax Avoidance and High Powered Incentives.”
79 Journal of Financial Economics 145 (2006) (with Mihir A. Desai).

“The Congressional Budget Process, Aggregate Spending, and Statutory Budget Rules.”
90 Journal of Public Economics 119 (2006).

“Words that Kill? An Economic Model of the Influence of Speech on Behavior (with Particular
Reference to Hate Speech).”
34 Journal of Legal Studies 93 (2005) (with Richard H. McAdams).

“Bilateral Accidents with Intrinsically Interdependent Costs of Precaution.”
34 Journal of Legal Studies 239 (2005) (with Sandra A. Hoffmann).

“Racial Bias in Motor Vehicle Searches: Additional Theory and Evidence.”
3 Contributions to Economic Analysis and Policy 12 (2004) (with Stephen L. Ross).

“Penalty Enhancement for Hate Crimes: An Economic Analysis.” 6 American Law and Economics Review 185 (2004) (with Nuno Garoupa).

“The Condorcet Jury Theorem and the Expressive Function of Law: A Theory of Informative Law.”
5 American Law and Economics Review 1 (2003)
(with Richard H. McAdams).

“Budgetary Policy under Unified and Decentralized Appropriations Authority.” 115
Public Choice 347 (2003).

“An Economic Analysis of ‘Riding to Hounds’: Pierson v. Post Revisited.” 18
Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization 39 (2002) (with Nuno Garoupa).
Extract reprinted in A. Clarke and P. Kohlers Property Law: Commentary and
, Cambridge University Press, 2005, pp. 129-132.

“Are Campaign Contributions a Form of Speech? Evidence from Recent US House Elections.”
112 Public Choice 81 (2002) (with K.
Filip Palda).

“Campaign War Chests, Entry Deterrence, and Voter Rationality.”
14 Economics and Politics 325 (2002).

“Comparing Tax Expenditures and Direct Subsidies: The Role of Legislative Committee Structure.”
72 Journal of Public Economics 421 (1999).

Book Chapters

“Do Exclusionary Rules Convict the Innocent?” In
Research Handbook on Economic Models of Law, Matthew Baker and Thomas Miceli (eds.)
Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming (with Nuno Garoupa and Richard H. McAdams).

“Search, Seizure and (False?) Arrest: An Analysis of Fourth Amendment Remedies when Police can
Plant Evidence.” In
Research Handbook on Economic Models of Law, Matthew Baker and Thomas Miceli (eds.)
Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming (with Thomas Miceli).

“Tax Incentives for Affordable Housing: The Low Income Housing Tax Credit.” In Tax Policy and the Economy, Vol. 24, Jeffrey R. Brown (ed.)
University of Chicago Press, 2010 (with Mihir A. Desai
and Monica Singhal).

“The Impact of Taxes on Dividends and Corporate Financial Policy: Lessons from the 2000’s.” In Tax Policy Lessons from the 2000’s, Alan
D. Viard (ed.) American Enterprise Institute Press, 2009.

“Tax and Corporate Governance: An Economic Approach.” In Tax and Corporate Governance, Wolfgang
Schön (ed.) Springer, 2008, (with Mihir A. Desai).

“Taxation and the Evolution of Aggregate Corporate Ownership Concentration.” In Taxing
Corporate Income in the 21st Century
, Alan J. Auerbach, James R. Hines, Jr., and Joel Slemrod (eds.) Cambridge University Press, 2007 (with Mihir A. Desai
and Winnie Fung).