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Genevieve Lakier : Courses and Seminars

Constitutional Law II: Freedom of Speech
LAWS 40201
This course explores the doctrine and theory of the constitutional law of freedom of speech. The subjects for discussion include advocacy of unlawful conduct, defamation, invasion of privacy, commercial speech, obscenity and pornography, offensive speech, symbolic expression, protest in public places, regulation of campaign finance, and selective government subsidies of speech. Students who have completed Constitutional Law IV are ineligible to enroll in this course. The grade is based on a final examination and class participation.
Autumn 2015
Genevieve Lakier
Criminal Law
LAWS 30311
This course, offered over two sequential quarters, addresses the doctrines of criminal liability and the moral and social problems of crime. The definitions of crimes and defenses are considered in light of the purposes of punishment and the role of the criminal justice system, including police and correctional agencies. The student's grade is based on class participation and a single final examination.
Winter 2016
Genevieve Lakier
Freedom of Speech in the Digital Age
LAWS 40202
New communication technologies raise new and difficult questions about the meaning of the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech. This seminar engages those questions. It examines what freedom of speech means in the digital age and how the government can and should protect it. Topics covered in the seminar will include: search code and the constitutional category of speech; revenge porn; copyright and the Digital Copyright Millennium Act; network neutrality; video games; the right to record; and the First Amendment problems raised by mass government surveillance. Students will be evaluated on the basis of their in-class participation, three short response papers, and a final essay. Constitutional Law II is a prerequisite for the seminar.
Spring 2016
Genevieve Lakier