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Tarek Sultani : Courses and Seminars

Cross-Border Transactions: Securities, M&A, and Joint Ventures
LAWS 71408
In this seminar we will examine M&A, securities and financing transactions from a comparative perspective looking at how cross-border transactions vary from purely domestic transactions with a focus on negotiations. We will also look at joint ventures and related concerns for bribery and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The class will focus on recent transactions such as Instagram/Facebook (domestic); Skype/Microsoft (US/Luxembourg), the IPO (Russia/UK), and various other multijurisdictional transactions. The class will feature accomplished guest speakers from legal and business backgrounds. The class will also develop cultural negotiation skills through mock negotiations as well as discussing cultural faux pas and peculiarities across borders. Substantial out of classroom work, group projects, etc. Each week the students will meet in teams to markup contracts and spend a portion of the subsequent class negotiating the contracts.
Autumn 2014
Tarek Sultani