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Tarek Sultani : Courses and Seminars

Cross-Border Transactions: Securities, M&A, and Joint Ventures
LAWS 71408
This seminar is a survey of cross-border transactions and how successfully negotiating a transaction may vary across boarders. We will first examine U.S. M&A, securities and financing transactions to gain comparative oversight. After covering this foundational overview, we will turn to Europe to gain an understanding of how various governance rules and local laws can impact transactions and procedures. Next, we will devote some time to Asian markets to show how recent changes in local law have expanded the opportunities for cross-border transactions, particularly for capital markets transactions, and the implications of such changes on the legal profession. Subsequently, we will take a brief look at the growth of project finance in the Middle East. The seminar will also discuss the increasingly important issue of bribery, focusing primarily on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act. We will then put all this together to discuss multi-jurisdictional transactions and how to best negotiate cross-border legal, procedural and cultural differences. Students will work in teams throughout the quarter to mark up and negotiate various agreements.
Autumn 2015
Tarek Sultani