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Scott Gaille : Courses and Seminars

Energy Law Seminar
LAWS 45302
The objective of this seminar is to provide the student with exposure to current domestic and international energy law issues from the perspective of a practicing professional. The first half of the seminar will lead students through a series of current topics in energy law, using examples from client matters. Topics will include structuring domestic and international energy financings, acquisitions and joint ventures and navigation of government issues such as corruption and the natural resources curse. The seminar will conclude with a simulated international auction or “bidding round” in which students act as in-house counsel for oil and gas companies competing for exploration blocks in the Republic of Angola. Teams will be subject to the regulations and laws of the Republic of Angola. After the auction, students will negotiate transactions among themselves in an effort to improve upon their auction results. The final stage of the workshop is a drilling exercise in which the teams can see the relative success of their auction and negotiation efforts. The instructor will provide guidance to the students/counsel over the course of the simulation. The seminar will require not only in-class participation, but also negotiation sessions between class meetings. Oil & Gas Law is not a prerequisite to this seminar, and the overlap between the classes is minimal. The textbook for this course is International Energy Development (Gaille).
Spring 2014
Scott Gaille