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John Rappaport : Publications

Journal Articles

    "How Private Insurers Regulate Public Police," 130 Harvard Law Review __ (forthcoming 2017). [SSRN]

    "An Insurance-Based Typology of Police Misconduct," 2016 University of Chicago Legal Forum 369 (2016). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Second-Order Regulation of Law Enforcement," 103 California Law Review 205 (2015). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Unbundling Criminal Trial Rights," 82 University of Chicago Law Review 181 (2015). [CU]

Other Publications

    "Cops Can Ignore Black Lives Matter Protesters. They Can’t Ignore Their Insurers," Washington Post, May 4, 2016. [WWW]

    "Does the Path to True Police Reform Run Through Liability Insurers?," Washington Post, April 11, 2016.

    "How Private Insurers Regulate Public Police," CLS Blue Sky Blog, March 3, 2016.

    "How the Insurance Industry Could Reform American Policing," Washington Post, March 1, 2016.