Family Day Spring 2013

Face painting for kids and adults is standard Family Day fare.
Niko Plassaras, '14, plays Wii with some young competitors.
Balloon artist Erin Whalen, '13, shared her talent with the kids.
Some face designs were especially intricate.
Shana Harvey from the Wiggleworms performs.
The weather was nice enough for the bag-toss game.
Ignacio Sofo, '14, and Nick Spear, '14, show the young ones how it's done.
Bowling is even more fun when the pins are almost as big as the bowlers.
Kids sat out the fun just long enough to get their faces painted.
Family Day food included picnic fare like hot dogs, fruit, and cookies.
Chris Mortorff, '13, and his infant daughter.
Arms were good spots for paint designs too.
The piñata is definitely the highlight of Family Day.
Everyone gathers to watch the kids try to knock it down.
Each kid has a different style -- some whack, others aim strategically.
And sometimes it's best just to put it on the floor.
Clinical Professor Mark Templeton was a good sport.

The Law School came together on April 7 to celebrate the latest Family Day, a regular event in which faculty, staff, students, and their kids come together to enjoy food and fun. Photographs by Marsha Nagorsky.