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Phil Bach

Phil has his own consulting firm, called Top Jar, LLC, where he conducts accounting engagements involving companies and government entities in a variety of industries and works with organizations to design, implement, and evaluate ethics and compliance programs, including anti-fraud controls. He also performs internal audits and accounting investigations and has experience investigating financial statement fraud, employee misconduct issues, FCPA, embezzlements, and other white collar frauds. He works with attorneys and companies providing consultation for litigation, expert testimony, and has been engaged as a neutral arbitrator in financial disputes between companies. Most of his forensic accounting career has been at a “big four” accounting and consulting firm.

Prior to becoming a forensic accountant, Phil spent more than a decade at regional and smaller accounting firms in Chicago. During those years, Phil led financial statement audits, reviews, and compilations in several industries and prepared tax returns for corporations, partnerships, and individuals.

Phil has recently managed and participated in the following types of engagements: ethics and compliance; internal audit; proactive fraud risk reviews and entity wide risk assessments; corporate governance and compliance reviews; investigations in fraud matters; and dispute advisory services including testifying as an expert at serving as a neutral arbitrator.