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Todd Fishbein : Courses and Seminars

Residential Real Estate Development and the Law
LAWS 44022
This seminar will guide the student through the twists and turns of a residential real estate development from land acquisition through warranty on the residential unit. We will also examine: rezoning and improvement of the land; governmental agreements and regulation; the joint venture; the contractual relationship with the buyer; and the homeowner's association. All the while, focusing on the myriad of legal issues a developer's attorney encounters along the way. We will study how the law of contracts, real property and land use play an integral role in the residential real estate development. Course materials will include documents from actual transactions such as the acquisition contract, the municipal development agreement, the limited liability company operating agreement, the declaration of covenants, the lot sale and construction agreement and the plat of subdivision. In addition to these materials, coursework will include analysis of state statutes, municipal ordinances and relevant case law. We will take a hands-on approach to the law of residential real estate development and the transactional documents which effectuate these developments. Coursework will include negotiation and drafting exercises where students will gain real life, practical experience in confronting the issues that arise in the context of these developments. Enrollment will be limited to 12 students (as well as an even number of students). Grades will be determined on the basis of: class preparation, attendance and participation (1/4); class exercises and written assignments (1/4); and an open book final exam (1/2).
Winter 2016
Todd Fishbein