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Anthony Casey : Courses and Seminars

Bankruptcy and Reorganization: The Federal Bankruptcy Code
LAWS 73601
This course studies the Federal Bankruptcy Code and the law of corporate reorganization. Topics include the rights of creditors in bankruptcy, the relationship between bankruptcy law and state law, the treatment of executory contracts, bankruptcy planning, the restructuring of corporations in Chapter 11, and the procedure for confirming plans of reorganization. There are no prerequisites for this course.
Winter 2014
Anthony Casey
Business Organizations
LAWS 42301
This is an introductory course on the law of business organizations. We will focus primarily on the law of corporations and limited liability companies. The course will cover the duties of managers and directors to the business and its stakeholders. Issues of control, litigation procedure, and mergers and acquisitions will be covered. The student's grade is based on a proctored final examination.
Winter 2014
Anthony Casey
Greenberg Seminar: Cheating
LAWS 95902
This seminar will explore legal, ethical, and procedural issues inherent in questions of cheating and rule breaking in contexts ranging from sports and academics to private career advancement. We will look at the nature of rules and difficult distinctions that must be drawn such as why some rules are expected to be broken while others are not. We will explore the line between artificial performance enhancement as cheating on the one hand and as positive personal improvement on the other. For example, we will look at the different treatment of performance enhancing drugs in athletics and in performance art. We will also explore how and when law and government should be involved in setting and enforcing rules.
Autumn 2013
Nicholas Stephanopoulos, Anthony Casey