Student Organizations Fair and Welcome Barbeque

Student organizations set up information tables in the Green Lounge.
Student organization leaders told 1Ls how to get involved in their groups.
The fair was another chance for students to meet one another.
Student organization leaders had a good time behind the tables.
Candy and cookies were used to attract possible members.
Jackie Newsome, '15, chats with friends.
The fair was a bit of a back-to-school reunion for returning students.
The Black Law Student Association is an active student group.
1Ls had lots of questions about what they'd do and learn in different groups.
The Law Students Association is the student government of the Law School.
The fair had a festive atmosphere.
The fair was part Wine Mess, with a bar set up in the corner.
Two students served as bartenders.
The Labor and Employment Law Society gets creative with candy.
Neighbors is a community service group.
Most groups left the fair with long sign-up lists of interested people.
In the South Green Lounge, a barbeque was underway.
Students lined up at the big outdoor grill.
Nearly every seat in the room was taken.
Rebecca Rickett, '15, on the left, with new classmates.
As always, the Green Lounge foosball table was popular.