CBI: Geof Stone, "The World of the Framers: A Christian Nation?"

Monday, April 21, 2008 (All day)

The Chicago's Best Ideas Series presents:

Geoffrey R. Stone, Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor

"The World of the Framers: A Christian Nation?"

It has become commonplace in American political discourse for Christian evangelicals to assert that the United States was founded as a "Christian nation" and that in recent decades secularists have gained control and distorted our nation's founding traditions and values. In this lecture, Professor Geoffrey Stone examines the beliefs of the Framers on this question. What did they think about Christianity, about the role of Christianity in the American nation, and about the relationship between religion generally and self-governance? The answers to these questions are important not only to constitutional interpretation, but even more fundamentally to an understanding of who we are – and who we are supposed to be – as a nation.

Time: 12:15pm
Location: Room II

For more information, please contact Lisa Alvarez (alvarez@uchicago.edu).

Geoffrey R. Stone