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Sital Kalantry : Publications


“It’s A Trick.” Slate, May 6, 2013.

“Women in Prison in Argentina: Causes, Conditions, and Consequences.” Report co-edited with Elizabeth Brundige and Silvia Martinez, May 2013.

“Women in Robes.” Americas Quarterly, Summer 2012 issue.

“Promoting Clinical Education in India: A Case Study of the Rural Governance Clinic.” Report co-edited with Priya Gupta, Liz Brundige and Ajay Pandey, July 2012.

“Litigation as a Measure of Well-Being: The Threat of India’s Case Backlog.” DePaul Law Review, forthcoming. (with Ted Eisenberg and Nick Robinson)

Review of Socio-Economic Rights: Adjudication under a Transformative Constitution by Sandra Liebenberg, 34 Human Rights Quarterly 579 (May 2012). (with Elizabeth Brundige)

“Combating Acid Violence in Cambodia, India, and Bangladesh.” Report co-edited with Jocelyn Getgen, January 2011.

“Enhancing Enforcement of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights Using Indicators: A Focus on the Right to Education in the ICESCR,” 32 Human Rights Quarterly 255 (2010) (with Jocelyn Getgen and Steve Koh). To be republished in Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, edited by Manisuli Ssenyonjo,  Ashgate Publishing.

“Intent-to-Benefit: Individually Enforceable Rights in International Treaties.” 44 Stanford Journal of International Law 63 (2008).

“Do as foreigners do.” National Law Journal, Sept. 9, 2002.

“Sorting Out Trademarks in CyberSpace.” Global eCommerce Law and Business Report, May 2000 (co-author).