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Radhika Puri : Courses and Seminars

Strategies and Processes of Negotiations
LAWS 46702
This simulation class aims to make you a better negotiator by giving you the analytical frameworks as well as the hands-on experience of negotiating in various roles. In addition to discussing the theoretical “science” of negotiations, you will participate in a series of increasingly complex (and fun!) exercises where you will fine tune the “art” of negotiations. You will work your way from participating in simple two-party, single issues negotiations to multi-party, multi-issue negotiations with internal (within the organization) and external (outside the organization) parties. You will learn how to categorize the problem and prepare for the negotiation; how to create value in an ethical manner; how to ensure that you capture a fair share of the value created; how to form effective coalitions; and how to apply specific tactics to overcome common biases and mistakes made by negotiators. The class will enable you to hone your personal negotiating strengths and work on your personal weaknesses by giving constant feedback showing you how your strategies and tactics worked relative to those used by your classmates. Attendance in every class is compulsory. Grades are based on preparation, participation, reflection reports and a final project. This simulation course will meet 10/2-11/20.
Autumn 2013
Radhika Puri