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Stephen Cowen : Courses and Seminars

Counterintelligence and Covert Action - Legal and Policy Issues
LAWS 70706
This seminar will focus on the constitutional and legal framework for counterintelligence and other instruments of national power that seek to neutralize and/or exploit our adversaries' intelligence activities against US national security interests. Such adversaries may include foreign intelligence services, terrorists, foreign criminal enterprises, cyber intruders, or some combination thereof. The seminar will consider both legal and policy issues raised in efforts to prevent adversarial espionage action -- overt, covert, or clandestine -- targeting US military, diplomatic, and economic interests at home and abroad. The seminar will also explore the role and overlap of covert action, roughly defined as action intended to influence events in another nation or territory without revealing the involvement of the sponsor. Although the primary focus of the seminar will be separation of powers issues and the role of executive power in counterintelligence and covert action, care will be taken to consider less frequently discussed implications for domestic and international economies and markets, as well as the extent to which economic and market considerations motivate policy making or legal decisions. The seminar will include short case studies from the Cold War and post-Cold War eras in the US, Latin America, the Middle East, and the former USSR. The seminar is designed to minimize overlap with the material covered in The Law of Counterterrorism (LAWS 70704) and National Security Issues (LAWS 70703) by primarily focusing attention on state actors rather than nonstate actors. Grades will be based upon a final paper, occasional short response papers, and reasonable class participation.
Spring 2016
Stephen Cowen