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Sai Prakash : Publications


Journal Articles

"The Indefensible Duty to Defend." 112 Columbia Law Review 507 (2012) (with Neal Devins).

"The Goldilocks Executive." Review of Executive Unbound by Eric Posner and Adrian Vermeule. 90 Texas Law Review 973 (2012) (with Mike Ramsey).

"The Causes of Progressive Stagnation." 72 Ohio State Law Journal 1277 (2011).

"The Great Suspender’s Unconstitutional Suspension of the Great Writ." 3 Albany Government Law Review 575 (2010).

"Why the Incompatibility Clause Applies to the Office of the President." 4 Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy 107 (2009).

"Some Fragmented Features of the Constitution’s Unitary Executive." 45 Willamette Law Review 701 (2009).

"The President’s Duty to Disregard Unconstitutional Laws." 95 Georgetown Law Review 1613 (2008).

"Imperial or Imperiled:  The Curious State of the Executive." 50 William & Mary Law Review 1021 (2008). (originally delivered as the James Gould Cutler Lecture on Constitutional Law at William and Mary School of Law)

"The Separation and Overlap of War and Military Powers." 87 Texas Law Review 299 (2008).

"Exhuming the Seemingly Moribund Declaration of War." 77 George Washington Law Review 89 (2008).

"Tempest in an Empty Teapot: Why the Constitution has Nothing to Say About Gerrymandering." 50 William & Mary Law Review 1 (2008).

"A Taxonomy of Presidential Powers." 88 Boston University Law Review 372 (2008).

"The Misunderstood Relationship between Originalism and Popular Sovereignty." 31 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 485 (2008).

"Unleashing the Dogs of War:  What the Constitution Means by 'Declare War.'" 93 Cornell Law Review 45 (2007).

A Two Front War." 93 Cornell Law Review 197 (2007) (sur-reply to Robert Delahunty & John Yoo, "Making War" 93 Cornell Law Review 123 (2007) and Michael Ramsey, "The President’s Power to Respond to Attacks." 93 Cornell Law Review 169 (2007)).

"Why the President Must Veto Unconstitutional Bills." 16 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 81 (2007).

"Delegation Really Running Riot." 93 Virginia Law Review 1035 (2007) (with Larry Alexander).           

"More Democracy, Less Constitution." 55 Drake Law Review 899 (2007) (symposium issue on Sanford Levinson, Our Undemocratic Constitution (2006)).

"How to Remove a Federal Judge." 116 Yale Law Journal 72 (2006) (with Steve Smith).

"(Mis)Understanding 'Good Behavior' Tenure." 116 Yale Law Journal 139 (2006) (with Steve Smith) (sur-reply to Professor Martin Redish, "Good Behavior, Judicial Independence, and the Foundations of American Constitutionalism," 116 Yale Law Journal 139 (2006))

"Radicals in Tweed Jackets: Why Extreme Left-Wing Professors are Wrong for America." Review of Radicals in Robes: Why Extreme Right Wing Courts are Wrong for America by Cass Sunstein. 106 Columbia Law Review 2207 (2006).

"Removal and Tenure in Office." 92 Virginia Law Review 1779 (2006).

"How the Constitution Makes Subtraction Easy." 92 Virginia Law Review 1871 (2006) (sur-reply to John Harrison, "Addition by Subtraction," 92 Virginia Law Review 1853 (2006)).

"New Light on the Decision of 1789." 91 Cornell Law Review 1021 (2006).

"The Constitutional Status of Customary International Law." 30 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 65 (2006).

"Against Interpretive Supremacy." Review of The People Themselves: Popular Constitutionalism and Judicial Review by Larry Kramer. 103 Michigan Law Review 1539 (2005) (with John Yoo).

"The Chief Prosecutor." 73 George Washington Law Review 521 (2005).

"Regulating Presidential Power." Review of Presidential Powers by Harold Krent. 91 Cornell Law Review 215 (2005).

"Foreign Affairs and the Jeffersonian Executive:  A Defense." 69 Minnesota Law Review 1591 (2005).

"'Is that English You’re Speaking?' Why Intention-Free Interpretation is an Impossibility." 41 University of South Dakota Law Review 967 (2004) (with Larry Alexander).

"Against Tribal Fungibility." 89 Cornell Law Review 1069 (2004).

"The Constitution as Suicide Pact." 79 Notre Dame Law Review 1299 (2004).

"Mother May I: Imposing Mandatory, Prospective Rules of Statutory Interpretation." 20 Constitutional Commentary 97 (2004) (with Larry Alexander).

"Questions for the Critics of Judicial Review." 72 George Washington Law Review 354 (2003) (with John Yoo).

Reports of the Delegation Doctrine’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated." 70 University of Chicago Law Review 1297 (2003) (with Larry Alexander).

"Branches Behaving Badly: The Predictable and often Desirable Consequences of the Separation of Powers." 12 Cornell Journal of Law & Public Policy 543 (2003).

"The Origins of Judicial Review." 70 University of Chicago Law Review 887 (2003) (with John Yoo).

"Overcoming the Constitution." Review of Implementing the Constitution by Richard Fallon. 91 Georgetown Law Review 407 (2003).

"Our Three Commerce Clauses and the Presumption of Intrasentence Uniformity." 55 Arkansas Law Review 1149 (2003).

"The Essential Meaning of Executive Power." 2003 University of Illinois Law Review 701

"Are the Judicial Safeguards of Federalism the Ultimate Form of Conservative Judicial Activism?" 55 University of Colorado Law Review 1363 (2002).

"The Executive Power over Foreign Affairs." 111 Yale Law Journal 231 (2001) (with Michael Ramsey).

"The Puzzling Persistence of Process-Based Federalism Theories." 79 Texas Law Review 1459 (2001) (with John Yoo).

"America’s Aristocracy." Review of Taking the Constitution Away from the Courts by Mark Tushnet. 109 Yale Law Journal 541 (1999).

"Our Dysfunctional Insider Trading Regime." 99 Columbia Law Review 1491 (1999).

"A Critical Comment on the Constitutionality of Executive Privilege." 83 Minnesota Law Review 1143 (1999).

"Deviant Executive Lawmaking." 67 George Washington Law Review 1 (1998).

"A Comment on Congressional Enforcement." 32 Indiana Law Review 193 (1998).

"Unoriginalism's Law Without Meaning." Review of Original Meanings by Jack Rakove. 15 Constitutional Commentary 329 (1998).

"The President's Power To Execute the Laws." 104 Yale Law Journal 541 (1994) (with Steven Calabresi).

"Field Office Federalism." 79 Virginia Law Review 1957 (1993).

"Hail to the Chief Administrator: The Framers and the President's Administrative Powers." 102 Yale Law Journal 991 (1993) (Note).

Book Sections

“The Story of Myers and its Wayward Successors:  Going Postal on the Removal Power." In Presidential Power Stories, Curtis Bradley & Christopher Schroeder, eds. Foundation Press, 2008.      

“Executive Vesting Clause” in The Heritage Guide To The Constitution, David Forte, ed. Regnery Publishing, 2005.

“Take Care Clause” in The Heritage Guide To The Constitution, David Forte, ed. Regnery Publishing, 2005.

"General United States Tax Considerations Pertaining to the Creation, Acquisition and Disposition of Trademarks." In Advanced Seminar On Trademark Law, Practicing Law Institute, 1996 (with Peter Riley).

Internet Publications

"Removing Federal Judges Without Impeachment". 116 Yale Law Journal Pocket Part 95 (2006) (with Steve Smith).

"The Domestic War." Yale Law Journal Pocket Part, March 2006.     

"Should the Attorney General be Independent?" Debate Club, Legal Affairs (2/13/06) (debating William P. Marshall)

"When Can Congress Remove Judges?" Debate Club, Legal Affairs (12/26/05) (debating Todd D. Peterson)