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Justin Driver : Publications

Journal Articles

    "Constitutional Outliers," 81 University of Chicago Law Review 929 (2014). [CU]

    "Reactionary Rhetoric and Liberal Legal Academia," 123 Yale Law Journal 2616 (2014). [CU]

    "Supremacies and the Southern Manifesto," 92 Texas Law Review 1053 (2014). [CU]

    "Recognizing Race," 112 Columbia Law Review 404 (2012). [CU]

    "The Significance of the Frontier in American Constitutional Law," 2011 Supreme Court Review 345 (2012). [CU]

    "The Constitutional Conservatism of the Warren Court," 100 California Law Review 1101 (2012) (awarded the 2012 William Nelson Cromwell Article prize for the best article in American legal history published by an early career scholar). [CU]

    "Judicial Inconsistency as Virtue: The Case of Justice Stevens," 99 Georgetown Law Journal 1263 (2011). [CU]

    "The Consensus Constitution," 89 Texas Law Review 755 (2011). [CU]

    "Rethinking the Interest-Convergence Thesis," 105 Northwestern University Law Review 149 (2011). [CU]

    "Rules, the New Standards: Partisan Gerrymandering and Judicial Manageability After Vieth v. Jubelirer," 73 George Washington Law Review 1166 (2005). [CU]

    Note, "Note, Underenfranchisement: Black Voters and the Presidential Nomination Process", 117 Harvard Law Review 2318 (2004). [CU]

Book Sections

    in Fatal Fictions: Crime and Investigation in Law and Literature, Alison LaCroix, Richard H. McAdams & Martha Nussbaum eds. (Oxford University Press, .

Other Publications

    "Just How Rightward-Leaning Was the Burger Court? (reviewing Michael J. Graetz and Linda Greenhouse, The Burger Court and the Rise of the Judicial Right)," Washington Post, June 18, 2016. [WWW]

    "60 years later, the Southern Manifesto is as alive as ever," Los Angeles Times, March 11, 2016. [WWW]

    "Divine Justice (reviewing Bruce Allen Murphy, Scalia: A Court of One (2014))," New Republic, September 2014, at p.40. [WWW]

    "Ignoble Specificities (reviewing Jack M. Balkin, Living Originalism (2011))," New Republic, April 2012, at p.32. [WWW]

    "Obama's Law," New Republic, June 2011. [WWW]

    "Why the High Court is Ready for Gay Marriage," Washington Post, June 26, 2011, at p. B1, B4.

    "It's Alive," New Republic, July 2010. [WWW]

    "The Stevens Myth," New Republic, April 2010. [WWW]

    "The Mirth of a Nation: Black Comedy's Reactionary Hipness," New Republic, June 2001.

    "Sports Nut: The Soles of Black Folk," Slate, April 27, 2001. [WWW]