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Justin Coates : Publications



Blame: Its Nature and Norms. Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2013.

Book Sections

“The Contours of Blame,” (with Neal A. Tognazzini), Blame: Its Nature and Norms. D. Justin Coates and Neal A. Tognazzini, eds. Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

Journal Articles

“Reasons-Responsiveness and Degrees of Responsibility.” Philosophical Studies (forthcoming). (with Philip Swenson).

“No (New) Troubles with Ockhamism.” Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion (forthcoming). (with Garrett Pendergraft)

“Ethicists’ Courtesy at Philosophy Conferences.” Philosophical Psychology (forthcoming). (with Eric Schwitzgebel, Joshua Rust, Linus Huang, and Alan Moore)

“Review of Relative Justice: Cultural Diversity, Free Will, and Moral Responsibility by Tamler Sommers,” Journal of Moral Philosophy (forthcoming 2012).

“The Nature and Ethics of Blame.” 7.3 Philosophy Compass 197 (2012). (with Neal A. Tognazzini)

"Free Will, Moral Responsibility, and Mechanism: Experiments on Folk Intuitions." 31 Midwest Studies in Philosophy 214 (2007).

Encyclopedia Articles

“Blame.” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. (forthcoming 2013). (with Neal A. Tognazzini).