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Justin Coates : Presentations


“Manipulation and the Reactive Attitudes, Pacific Division Meeting of the American
Philosophical Association, San Francisco, CA, March 2013.

“Responsibility Without (Panicky) Metaphysics,” American Philosophical Association Central Division, February 2013.

“On Blame,” Law and Philosophy Workshop, University of Chicago Law School,
Chicago, IL, November 2012.

“Internality and the Weighting of Reasons,” University of California, Riverside,
Riverside, CA, December 2011.

“No (New) Problems with Ockhamism,” (with Garrett Pendergraft), American Philosophical Association Pacific Division, San Francisco, April 2010.

 “Free Will, Moral Responsibility, and Mechanism,” (with Eddy Nahmias and Trevor Kvaran), Invited Symposium on Experimental Philosophy, Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Toronto, June 2007.