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Nicholas Stephanopoulos : Publications

Journal Articles

    "Civil Rights in a Desegregating America," 83 University of Chicago Law Review 1329 (2016). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Race, Place, and Power," 68 Stanford Law Review 1323 (2016). [CU] [SSRN] [WWW]

    "Political Powerlessness," 90 New York University Law Review 1527 (2015). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Aligning Campaign Finance Law," 101 Virginia Law Review 1425 (2015). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Partisan Gerrymandering and the Efficiency Gap," 82 University of Chicago Law Review 831 (2015) (with Eric McGhee). [CU] [SSRN]

    "The Realities of Electoral Reform," 68 Vanderbilt Law Review 761 (2015) (with Eric McGhee & Steven Rogers). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Elections and Alignment," 114 Columbia Law Review 283 (2014). [CU] [SSRN]

    "The South After Shelby County," 2013 Supreme Court Review 55 (2013). [CU] [SSRN] [WWW]

    "Our Electoral Exceptionalism," 80 University of Chicago Law Review 769 (2013). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Spatial Diversity," 125 Harvard Law Review 1903 (2012). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Redistricting and the Territorial Community," 160 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1379 (2012). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Reforming Redistricting: Why Popular Initiatives to Establish Redistricting Commissions Succeed or Fail," 23 Journal of Law and Politics 331 (2007) (also published in abridged form as an American Constitution Society Issue Brief). [CU] [SSRN]

    Recent Development, "Israel's Legal Obligations to Gaza After the Pullout," 31 Yale Journal of International Law 524 (2006). [CU] [SSRN]

    Policy Comment, "Solving the Due Process Problem with Military Commissions," 114 Yale Law Journal 921 (2005). [CU] [SSRN]

    Case Note, "Stand by Your First Amendment Values - Not Your Ad," 23 Yale Law and Policy Review 369 (2005). [CU] [SSRN]

    "The Case for the Legislative Override," 10 UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs 250 (2005) (winner of the Jewell Prize). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Book Review, Terrorism, Freedom, and Security by Philip B. Heymann," 29 Yale Journal of International Law 583 (2004). [CU]

    "Book Review, Distant Proximities by James N. Rosenau," 29 Yale Journal of International Law 266 (2004). [CU]

Shorter Works

    "Quadratic Election Law," 172 Public Choice 265 (2017) (with Eric Posner) (conference paper).

    "Lessons from Litigating for Reform," 16 Election Law Journal 230 (2017).

    "The Concepts of Law," 84 University of Chicago Law Review 147 (2017) (with Tom Ginsburg) (symposium contribution).

    "The Relegation of Polarization," 83 University of Chicago Law Review Online 160 (2017) (A Response to Christopher S. Elmendorf, Kevin M. Quinn, and Marisa A. Abrajano, Racially Polarized Voting, 83 U Chi L Rev 587 (2016).).

    "The Contours of Constitutional Approval," 94 Washington University Law Review 1 (2016) (with Mila Versteeg). [CU]

    "Arizona and Anti-Reform," 2015 University of Chicago Legal Forum 477 (2015) (symposium contribution). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Teaching Election Law," 13 Election Law Journal 447 (2014) (book review). [SSRN]

    "The Consequences of Consequentialist Criteria," 3 UC Irvine Law Review 669 (2013) (symposium contribution). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Forecasting the Flashpoints," 125 Harvard Law Review Forum 246 (2012). [CU] [SSRN]

    "Communities and the California Commission," 23 Stanford Law and Policy Review 281 (2012) (symposium contribution). [CU] [SSRN]

Working Papers

    "Political Powerlessness," University of Chicago Public Law & Legal Theory Paper Series, No. 526 (2015). [CU]

    "The Realities of Electoral Reform," University of Chicago Public Law & Legal Theory Paper Series, No. 518 (2015) (with Eric McGhee & Steven Rogers). [CU]

    "Arizona and Anti-Reform," University of Chicago Public Law & Legal Theory Paper Series, No. 520 (2015). [CU]

    "Teaching Election Law," University of Chicago Public Law & Legal Theory Paper Series, No. 515 (2014). [CU]

Other Publications

    "Beyond Ballots (reviewing Ari Berman, Give Us the Ballot)," The New Rambler, November 11, 2015. [WWW]

    "Ending the Real Vote Rigging," Huffington Post, November 7, 2016. [WWW]

    "A Feasible Roadmap to Compulsory Voting," The Atlantic, November 2015. [WWW]

    "Redistricting Could Have the Most Disparate Effect," New York Times Room for Debate, August 5, 2015. [WWW]

    "The False Promise of Black Political Representation," The Atlantic, June 2015. [WWW]

    "California Fixed Redistricting; Will the Supreme Court Break It Again?," Los Angeles Times, February 23, 2015. [WWW]

    "Here’s How We Can End Gerrymandering Once and for All," New Republic (Online), July 2, 2014. [WWW]

    "The Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014: A Constitutional Response to Shelby County," American Constitution Society Issue Brief, May 8, 2014 (with Gabriel Chin, Gilda Daniels, Samuel Bagenstos & William Yoemans). [CU] [WWW]

    "The Roads to Same-Sex Marriage," Huffington Post, January 8, 2014. [WWW]

    "Time to Get the Foxes (Illinois Politicians) Out of the Henhouse (Legislative Redistricting)," Chicago Tribune, July 18, 2013, at p. 19. [WWW]

    "Section Two Minus Section Five," Huffington Post, June 26, 2013. [WWW]

    "Dear Justice Kennedy," Slate, April 1, 2013. [WWW]

    "The Future of the Voting Rights Act," Slate, October 23, 2013. [WWW]

    "Why the Supreme Court May Soon Strike Down a Key Section of the Voting Rights Act," New Republic, September 2012. [WWW]

    "Can Someone Put a Stop to the Insanity of Political Redistricting?," New Republic (Online), April 4, 2012. [WWW]

    "Don’t Worry About the Voting Rights Act," Slate, November 20, 2012 (with Eric Posner). [WWW]

    "The Answer to the Gerrymander," Baltimore Sun, January 9, 2012. [WWW]

    "Fox Can't Guard District Henhouse," South Florida Sun-Sentinel, April 9, 2011. [WWW]

    "How to Halt Gerrymandering," New Republic, April 2011. [WWW]

    "Don't Water Down Hope for Fair Districts," Tallahassee Democrat, April 25, 2010. [WWW]

    "Rank the Vote," New Republic, October 2010. [WWW]

    "Conservative Unease with Common Law," Philadelphia Inquirer, July 24, 2009. [WWW]

    "Keep Protecting the Rights of Minority Voters," Houston Chronicle, July 20, 2009 (with Paul Smith). [WWW]

    "Resurrecting Bush v. Gore," Dissent, June 2009. [WWW]

    "Veil Thine Eyes," New Republic (Online), December 14, 2009. [WWW]

    "Britain's New Supreme Court," National Law Journal, December 14, 2009. [WWW]

    "Building a Bigger House," Baltimore Sun, November 15, 2009 (with Martina Vandenberg). [WWW]

    "A Fighting Chance for Redistricting," Los Angeles Times, September 27, 2008. [WWW]

    "Four Out of Nine Ain't Bad," New Republic, June 2008. [WWW]

    "Not Too Hot to Handle," Legal Times, March 3, 2008 (with Matthew Jacobs & Douglas Masters).

    "What Jefferson Said," New Republic, December 2008. [WWW]