UChicagoLaw Tops National Law Journal Law Firm Hiring Survey

University of Chicago Is No. 1 Feeder Law School to Nation’s Top Law Firms
Debra Cassens Weiss
ABA Journal
February 28, 2011

The University of Chicago Law School sent nearly 59 percent of its graduates last year to the nation’s top law firms, putting it in first place on a list of feeder law schools.

Overall, the hiring picture for graduates of the nation’s 50 “Go-To Law Schools” worsened in 2010, the National Law Journal reports. The percentage of grads getting BigLaw jobs was 27.3 percent, compared with 30.3 percent the prior year.

The NLJ ranked the 50 law schools based on the percentage of their 2010 grads getting jobs with the nation’s top 250 law firms. The top five feeder law schools are:

  1. University of Chicago
  2. Cornell
  3. Columbia
  4. University of Pennsylvania
  5. Harvard

See the full list here.


Why should I continue to

Why should I continue to donate money to a law school that sends three-fifths of its graduates out to represent the wealthiest corporations in the country?

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