Stephen Richer '15 on the Middle East Crisis and American Elections

Would Gazan Rockets Have Rocked American Jewish Vote?
Stephen Richer '15
November 18, 2012

In the past four days, Hamas has fired over 422 rockets into Israel.  They’ve hit Tel Aviv.  They’ve hit Jerusalem.

If the rockets had launched on November 1 instead of November 14, would the Jewish-American presidential vote have been any different?

Probably not.

Campaigns launched by the Emergency Committee for Israel and the Republican Jewish Coalition did whittle away Obama’s standing from lofty 2008 heights, but for the most part, American Jews felt just as comfortable keeping U.S.-Israel relations in Obama’s hands as they (we) did giving it to Romney.  This April, 2012 poll from American Jewish Committee (AJC) reflects most polls on this subject:  “Those [Jews] who cite U.S.-Israel relations [as a priority], 45% would vote for Romney,” and 42% for Obama.

But even had the pro-Romney gap been even larger, would it have turned the vote of American Jews?    Probably not.