Stephanopoulos on Institute of Politics Panel on Redistricting Reform

IOP-How to Draw the Maps: Redistricting Reform in American Politics
University of Chicago Institute of Politics
February 27, 2014

Many say redistricting is at the root of our current gridlock -- and they're pushing for changes to make the process less partisan. But what are the pros and cons of redistricting reforms? What impact do they have on how we elect our representatives? And what impact do they have on the quality of our politics and our public policy? President and CEO of Change Illinois Ryan Blitstein, assistant professor of political science at the University of Michigan/Ann Arbor Jowei Chen, University of Chicago Law professor Nicholas Stephanopoulos, and the Cook Political Report's House editor David Wasserman will address these questions and more with moderator Alex Seitz-Wald from the National Journal. This event is presented with the generous support of the Joyce Foundation.

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